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Current coop and brooder designs.

Current coop brooders and pens. These have been very pouplar so I am running a bit behind just send a message for avalabilty. 

Orignal 4x8

All in one coop with cup water system installed. Water fill and egg collection can be done from the outside of the coop. The bottom 12 inches is fine mesh wire to prevent predators from reaching in and getting your birds. The inside can be used to brood chicks until old enough to go outside. The coop is 4x8 and rated for 8 standard size birds but I recommend 6 unless free ranging $360.

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Large 4x12

 This coop with run is 4' wide and 12'4" long and 5' 5" high(4' high run). The coop its self is 4'x4' and includes 3 nest boxes with outside access, 2 inside roosting bars 2 side windows and the rooster window and a planter / storage box on the side.
The run can be taken apart for moving.
Coop and run $650
Coop but its self is $480

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Pitched roof 4x8

4x8 Pitched roof. This is the same as the orignal coop but has a pitched roof making it 6' tall. it has 2 nesting boxes and a roost bar inside. Fine mesh wire 1' arounf the bottom for protection. This model also has a roost bar up in the roof. Rated for 8 full time birds $480

525 4x10

This coop is 4x10 6'tall and rated for 10 full time birds. All treated wood screwed no nails. Hardware cloth 1' around the bottom. This chicken coop has 3 nest boxes and 3 roost bars. $580

Grow Pen

 I have seen a need for a small coop. This coop can be used for bantams and show birds as well as finishing chicks and quarantine. Welded wire off the ground will keep the birds safe from predators. Nesting box with access from the outside.  the coop is 5' long(with nest box) 2' 6"wide. Inside height is 22" Currently not building due to increased material cost.

Grow out pen great for making the transition from the borrder to the coop. 2"x4" has roosting bars. Currently not building due to increased material clost