Nesting boxes and poultry supplies

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Nesting boxes and poultry supplies

We also build nesting boxes watering systems and sell water cups

Nesting boxes

Nesting boxes for hens. Locally built 12"x12" designed so that the hens will use it and they can stand up to get in but have to sit down to face out so they don't hang out in them and dirty the fresh eggs. All joints are both screwed and glued built to last. Rabbit nesting boxes have a removable bottom for easy cleaning. Singles $12.00ea double $25 triples $30 Rabbit nesting boxes are $15.00

Cup watering system

This is the best watering system I have run across the cups can be used by most any birds and does not allow the water to spill on the ground. The system is filled from outside the coop and being completely contained stays clean for very long periods. $20.00

Water cups

Watering cups $3.50ea